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When was the last time you had a good photo taken of you or the ones you love? I mean a really good photo, a photo other than the pictures where you or your loved one was posed uncomfortably, smiling nervously and dying for the experience to be done with?  For my clients, those awkward memories are a thing of the past…

I am a photojournalist. I don’t pose you and I don’t make you smile for me. We just find a spot that works for you and I tell you where the good light is. And then you play and I “work.”  I can have my big lens, 40 feet away, and by the time we’re done, you’re left with a wonderful memory of just having fun and I have gorgeous photos for you to frame, hang, email, what-have-you.

People enjoy being in front of my camera. My clients say I have a “happy” lens.  Over and over, I hear people say they’re nervous and don’t like having their picture taken, and yet when our photo session is over they say how surprisingly fun it was. Your comfort is extremely important to me; after all, how “perfect” can a photo really be if you’re nervous about having it taken?  I make people feel comfortable, and their photos reflect it.

My approach is a fun documentary style, capturing the spirit of the occasion in an elegant and loving way. I catch details and emotions that create a story that is unique to each person and event. And I pay close attention to any and all special requests; after all, the story is yours, not mine…

Like everyone, I want to hang on to the laughs and the moments of sheer joy in life. I want to hang on to the way the moonlight makes people glow and the way late afternoon sunlight makes everyone rosy. I want to hang on to youth and playfulness. I want to hang on to beauty and love, soft kisses and sweet whispers. And I want to hang on to all those moments for those on my path, too.  My camera has been by my side since high school.  Time goes by so quickly, and my heart wants to hang on.  A camera on its own is only an instrument; anyone can play a tune on it.  But when that same camera is held in the hands of an artful storyteller, that little tune becomes a beautiful symphony…

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