How to Handle Music Requests at your Wedding Reception

Wedding Reception Dancing - Doing the DipDo you want the DJ to take music requests from the guests at your wedding reception – or not? Some couples do, others prefer not to. There is no right or wrong answer; but please remember, when a guest requests a song, that it’s not possible for a DJ to have every possible song that might be requested – no matter how big a DJ brags his music repertoire is.


There are other challenges that requests can present. Sometimes, guests may request songs that simply do not “fit-in” with the music programming, or a requested song may completely alter the mood or environment contrary to what you want. Playing heavy metal or gangsta’ rap, for example, will likely upset or displease some of your guests, especially the older ones. Certainly, songs containing objectionable, foul or sexually graphic language should not be played.

Wedding Reception - Danced So Much My Feet HurtIt’s just tacky to play any song with the “f-bomb” being dropped every fourth word at a wedding. Even though you may like a particular song, you’ll survive if you don’t hear it. Obviously, you don’t want to cause anyone to feel uncomfortable. Your wedding celebration won’t be hampered by a song that isn’t played, but could be significantly and instantly damaged by a song that is played.

An experienced wedding DJ will use their personal experience and professional judgment to know when it is acceptable to honor requests, while amateur DJs may be inclined to play any song that is requested.  (Remember, if inappropriate requests are played, these songs will make you look bad.)

Your Special Songs

You may have specific songs that you want to hear during your reception, dinner or dancing. That’s great, but there’s certainly no need to pick them all. That’s why you are hiring a truly polished professional wedding DJ. That person should know how to properly read a crowd, play the right tune at the right time, maintain music volume and seamlessly enhance the atmosphere.

In fact, outside of your special wedding dances (1st dance, father/bride dance, etc.), all you probably need to do is select a handful of songs you especially like to provide a flavor of what you wish to hear. Maybe it’s the first song you kissed to, or the very first song you danced to. If you would like supply an additional list or specific artists or songs beyond just a few, it’s often best to permit the experienced wedding DJ read the crowd and mix them in where and when appropriate.

5 Tips for Building a Wedding Reception That Reflects YOU! – PART 2

Your wedding reception is your chance to treat your guests to a celebration that is, well, YOU! It should reflect you – your style, culture, heritage, and traditions, including food, color, music, flowers and more. Now that you’ve carefully selected your location, as well as the degree of elegance you’d like, what should you consider next?

Be creative with your decor.

When it comes to décor, think of the space as a blank canvas on which you get to “paint” YOUR style. Look online or at magazine pictures for inspiration and ideas, then talk with wedding professionals to get ideas on how to use lighting, flowers, centerpieces, table settings and more.

You can ask the reception site coordinator about how to best maximize the room. To add an eye-catching contrast, pair bright contrasting colors, such as vibrant electric blue and salmon color, in lieu of the typical pastels.

This year, I performed at four weddings that featured “mad hatter” or “topsy turvy” cakes, iced with an array of bold colors, custom shapes, and intricate details (as shown in the picture taken at a wedding at Mount Vernon Country Club).

It’s very easy to take a bare room from drab to fab, and do it in a unique way, by hiring a wedding professional, decorator or lighting designer to accent architecture in the room and make best use of foliage, table linens, or centerpieces.

Don’t forget the food.

No reception is complete without food. Buffets, sit-down dinners and even food served in large bowls at the table for a “family style” meal are all options. Buffets are usually more economical and allow your guests to choose from a variety of food selections.

You should also consider placing different food stations around the room instead of having only one or two serving lines, which is more efficient than having guests stand in one long line, and it also gives them a reason to mix and explore different parts of the room.

Ethnic Food?

I’ve done weddings where each station features one ethnic style of food. For example, at a recent wedding, the Bride chose to do a Mediterranean theme for her food (one station featured Greek food; another station southern Italian food; a third had Middle Eastern Food and the final station was a “just in case” station for kids and picky eaters, with American food like sliders, ribs, mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and wings). Amazingly, almost all the guests tried and enjoyed the Mediterranean food, and just the kiddos ate the American food.

Dessert Bar with Coffee, mmmmm…

For dessert, what really takes the cake now is a dessert bar and a coffee bar with a Barista. Instead of the multi-tiered wedding cake, try a spread of amazing desserts with mini-cheesecake squares, fresh-baked gourmet cookies, brownies, pastries, mini crème brulees and chocolate covered strawberries, or even small table cakes that serve eight to ten and double as the table’s centerpiece.

Whether you choose posh and swank, or simple and casual, there are no “right” or “wrong” answers. Just remember that YOUR reception should reflect YOU and YOUR style. Have fun, be creative, and be yourself!

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